Tracey’s Fitness Transformation

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A story of consistency.

When you have two kids, a consultancy PR business with regular trips to London, a husband who does shift work and a busy social life too you have to have a plan. You have to have your ducks in a row and you have to be willing to do things that others won’t in order to hit your goals.

Tracey has managed to come down to P6 for training 2 times a week and then depending on the week and her busy schedule trained either at home or at a local gym. You see sometimes the goal is big enough to make you realise that perfection is not the goal, but progress is. Progress is more powerful, daily action is more attainable and results are then inevitable.

A home workout is better than missing a workout completely. You can do LOADS of amazing things with a set of bands and your own bodyweight. Countless times we’ve heard the obstacle, ‘I don’t have time’, or ‘I can’t get to the gym’. You don’t need to always be at the gym, you can build in a bodyweight and home session that allows you to still progress. You may not feel its perfect but were after progress not perfection! Perfection is flawed. You need to give the body a stimulus to change, an overload, as long as we can get some resistance in there, we can create lasting change!

Fat loss often requires a change in nutrition, we tightened it up, we consistently hit targets and changes will happen. It doesn’t have to be complicated, a couple of food switches and we can see a drop in body fat.

Tracey has managed to constantly turn up and ask for more, continually striving for more each week, an attitude of constant improvement and it shows!

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