About Us

Priority 6 is a place built to help. Help people find fitness, strength, consistency, confidence and results.

We pride ourselves on ‘P6’ being a results driven training facility, where you get the correct guidance to keep you moving in the right direction, forward. The objective is simple, ‘build the chain’. What does that mean you ask?!!

Teach and encourage our members to be consistent. Consistent in life, a
consistent chain of positive events that help improve your day to day.
This can be as simple as always making your bed every morning, eating a new
type of vegetable each week to training 4 times a week, every week for a

We have found over our many years in the industry that by surrounding
yourself with positive, enthusiastic and welcoming people you are more likely
to not only achieve what you have set out to do but to enjoy it in the process.
The best coaches, the best equipment to help you on your journey of health
and fitness.

Welcome to Priority 6, we all look forward to working with you.
Build the chain