Massage Therapy

Priority 6 prides itself for having the best practitioners in South Central England at affordable prices. We have both male and female therapists, who can treat from our facility in Abingdon. For more details about our therapists check the about us page or drop us an email for more details. Our therapists cover all sports injuries and rehabilitation programs in a professional 1:1 environment at our in house clinic as well as being the first choice for event work at Crossfit events, Triathlons, Rugby matches, full and half Marathons and Hockey Games.

What We Do

  • Sports Massage
  • Remedial Massage
  • Taping & Strapping
  • Injury Assessment
  • Postural Assessment Rehabilitation Programs
  • Remedial Exercise
  • Prescriptions
  • Event Work
  • Referral to our visiting Osteopath, Art Practitioner & Physiotherapist


  • An effective therapy for releasing muscle tension
  • Restoring balance to the muscular-skeletal system
  • Received regularly this will help athletes prevent injuries
  • Relieves pain and swelling at an injury site
  • Aids preparation for competition
  • Increases mobility
  • General relaxation
  • Psychological benefits to a performer

Sports massage

Sports Massage is one of the most effective ways at treating muscle injuries and pain. Our therapists have specific aims in mind, and in sport we focus on the individual needs of the athlete. With the ever growing number of people taking part in sports such as Crossfit and Triathlons, combined with the increasing competitiveness and intensity of physical exercise, the demand for sports massage is also increasing and becoming more and more recognised as a skill which WILL aid recovery and enhance performance, and in turn becomes an integral part of our athlete’s training program.

Athletes who are looking to improve performance and increase their competitive edge do so by adopting a training schedule to enhance their skill, strength, stamina, flexibility and speed. The degree to which they develop and utilise these qualities will depend on other factors such as the level of competition, the sport played, and possibly their position in a team. However, no matter which sport, the aim is nearly always to increase the level of training and thereby subject the body to gradual and controlled overuse.

Sports Injury Assessment

Sports injuries are the painful result of compensations to weakness or restriction in our bodies.

The only way to effectively treat sports injuries is to identify these areas of weakness and restriction and condition the body to work better as a whole. This can be done through some of the things mentioned previously or specific techniques used by our qualified Therapists, such as Soft Tissue Release and Muscle Energising Techniques.

Injury Assessment

  • Assessment – First Aid, Special Tests and Advice
  • Massage
  • Postural Assessment and Treatment
  • Rehabilitation – goal setting and fitness programmes designed by our therapists and trainers.
  • Taping and strapping – utilizing the Kinesio-taping methods as well as stability and prevention taping techniques
  • Referral when necessary (see below)

Emily’s Rates

Emily Campbell

Emily began massaging in 2009, and in the last 7 years she has developed her Sports Therapy skills and knowledge, her professionalism and care for her patients is obvious. She continually strives for further qualifications and continued development.

Emily took 2013 off to focus on bringing up her first baby, and is now back working from Priority 6, she supports the ‘Crossfit Oxford Originals’ Team as their event Therapist and continues to treat a variety of sporting and non sporting aches or injuries. She also coaches weekly Crossfit Classes from Priority 6.
Although working there for 6 years, for the last 3 years Emily has been a Senior Tutor at The Oxford School of Sports Massage, and lectures with the school based in Oxford at weekends.

Emily has been working in sport from a young age. In her youth she played hockey at Regional Level for Shropshire County. Since then her life has been geared towards performance and sports. As a multi-talented athlete she competed at national youth level in 2 disciplines in Athletics, and holds a coaching qualification in athletics, she has completed many full and half marathons, is an experienced and confident horse-rider in her spare time, and has worked on some of the top thoroughbred stud yards in the UK, using her massage skills to treat injured jockeys and riders.

Her degree in Sports Science, specialising in Human Exercise Physiology and Coaching in Sport has led her to seek out a career in improving the performance of the human body through musculoskeletal manipulation. Her qualification in Sports Massage Therapy through OSSM is of the highest level in the UK today. Emily worked and treated some of the 2012 Olympians, something she is extremely proud of. She still works locally with small and larger sports teams and additionally with many of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University 1st sports teams. She donates some of her time to local charities provising remedial massages to those in chronic pain.

List of Sports Qualifications:
BSc Honours Degree in Exercise Physiology and Sports Coaching
OSSM IRSM Level 5 Diploma in Sports Therapy and Massage
HSE accredited First Aid in Sport
Taping and Strapping (OSSM)
Postural Assessment Workshop
Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques (JG Bodmaster Method)
Kinesiology Taping for the Athlete (JG Bodymaster Method)
Advance massage techniques for the Hip
Myofascial Release Advanced Therapy Workshop
Rock Doc (Kinesiology Taping) Levels 1 and 2
Enhancing Female Participation in Sports
Born to Move Level 1
Crossfit Powerlifting

30 Minutes

£ 35

Per Session

60 Minutes

£ 65

Per Session

External Massages

£ Enquire

Per Session