Meet Our Coaches

Our coaches are some of the best in the country. With multiple years of experience, this is the team that helps you attain your goals

Ollie Campbell

P6 Founder, Crossfit Coach & PT

A former rugby professional Ollie has amassed over 8, 000 hours of practical experience of specializing in fat loss for a variety of clientele, from young fitness instructors and middle-aged construction workers and housewives to 70 year old golfers. He also has extensive experience working with elite youth sportsmen, Ollie is committed to the learning, the science of exercise training and nutritional planning to get the fastest and most impressive results in fat loss in Oxford.

An almost obsessive methodology is rooted in everything that he undertakes from training himself to planning sessions and programs. Ollie’s aim is to take the guesswork out training and nutrition so that he can accurately predict the results of his clients. There is always methodology to the madness! Ollie Campbell is one of Oxfordshire’s most sought after fitness experts. He is known as a body composition and fat loss specialist with a proven track record of getting results in a realistic time frame. Ollie’s empowering teaching style motivates his clients to reach beyond their self-built limitations and achieve results that they never dreamt possible.

In his mission to retain his reputation as one of the most educated and sought after trainers in Oxfordshire, Ollie Campbell continues to undertake personal development in movement physiology, biomechanics through strength and conditioning courses and nutrition from world renowned coaches. These health and fitness educators include the US based Charles Poliquin, whose clients have included Summer and Winter Games Olympic medalists for the last 6 Olympiads and Paul Chek, who is the prominent expert in the field of holistic health and corrective and high-performance exercise and consultant to the Chicago Bulls, Australia’s Canberra Raiders, New Zealand’s Auckland Blues and the US Air Force Academy.

Ollie has also taken it upon himself to seek out some of the best mentors in the UK, dedicating time to learn from coaches such as Tom Crudgingdon in Bath at Body Development ( Ollie continually seeks out the very best in the business from kit suppliers such as Watson Gym Equipment ( to successful trainers to learn and share ideas. Ollie is an advert for business and true believer of the Priority 6 ethos, ‘Our Knowledge, your commitment, lasting results’. His dedication to a healthy lifestyle and his clients is paramount and the reason why Priority 6 is such a success

Diploma In Personal Training (Reps Level 3)
Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy.
PICP Levels 1 & 2 (Poliquin Institute)
Poliquin Performance Institute Biosignature Modulation Level 1 (2 times attendance)
Personal Training Mentorship Program at Body Development in Bath (
Breaking the Fat Loss Plateau Workshop at Body Development
Poliquin Instant Muscle Strengthening Technique Practitioner (PIMST)
REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer.
Chek Institute Golf Biomechanics
Premier Training Certificate in Resisted Movement Training.
Premier Training Certificate in Movement Based Flexibility.
Premier Training Master Personal Trainer Award.
Premier Certificate in Nutritional Advice for Exercise
Juice Performance Certificate in Plyometric Training.
Juice Performance Certificate in Olympic Weightlifting.
Certificate in Youth Training.
Certificate in Female Training.
Certificate in Functional Program Design.
Certificate in Core Training.
Certificate in Strength Training.
Motivating the Motivator Workshop NLP workshop with Diane Youdale.
Gait Analysis Workshop with Asics.
Scientific Core workshop- LAPT/Paul Chek.
ADPF Kettlebell Instructor with Distinction
Juice Performance Fat Loss Strategies and Hormonal Profiling.
CHEK Institute Primal Pattern Movements
Juice Performance MMA Fitness Instructor
Enhanced CRB Clearance
Certificate in Non-Traditional Strength Training

Emily Campbell

P6 Founder, & Head of Sports Massage Therapy

Emily began massaging in 2009, and in the last 7 years she has developed her Sports Therapy skills and knowledge, her professionalism and care for her patients is obvious. She continually strives for further qualifications and continued development.

Emily took 2013 off to focus on bringing up her first baby, and is now back working from Priority 6, she supports the ‘Crossfit Oxford Originals’ Team as their event Therapist and continues to treat a variety of sporting and non sporting aches or injuries. She also coaches weekly Crossfit Classes from Priority 6.
Although working there for 6 years, for the last 3 years Emily has been a Senior Tutor at The Oxford School of Sports Massage, and lectures with the school based in Oxford at weekends.

Emily has been working in sport from a young age. In her youth she played hockey at Regional Level for Shropshire County. Since then her life has been geared towards performance and sports. As a multi-talented athlete she competed at national youth level in 2 disciplines in Athletics, and holds a coaching qualification in athletics, she has completed many full and half marathons, is an experienced and confident horse-rider in her spare time, and has worked on some of the top thoroughbred stud yards in the UK, using her massage skills to treat injured jockeys and riders.

Her degree in Sports Science, specialising in Human Exercise Physiology and Coaching in Sport has led her to seek out a career in improving the performance of the human body through musculoskeletal manipulation. Her qualification in Sports Massage Therapy through OSSM is of the highest level in the UK today. Emily worked and treated some of the 2012 Olympians, something she is extremely proud of. She still works locally with small and larger sports teams and additionally with many of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University 1st sports teams. She donates some of her time to local charities provising remedial massages to those in chronic pain.

List of Sports Qualifications:
BSc Honours Degree in Exercise Physiology and Sports Coaching
OSSM IRSM Level 5 Diploma in Sports Therapy and Massage
HSE accredited First Aid in Sport
Taping and Strapping (OSSM)
Postural Assessment Workshop
Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques (JG Bodmaster Method)
Kinesiology Taping for the Athlete (JG Bodymaster Method)
Advance massage techniques for the Hip
Myofascial Release Advanced Therapy Workshop
Rock Doc (Kinesiology Taping) Levels 1 and 2
Enhancing Female Participation in Sports
Born to Move Level 1
Crossfit Powerlifting

Callum Bennet

CrossFit Coach & PT

Details coming soon.


Personal Trainer

Vivienne has been in the fitness industry for the last 9 years, since leaving the corporate world behind her and embarking on a career in personal training. Finding a balance between work, life and family is very important to her, as having 2 children, she knows how difficult it is to balance everything at once.

Vivienne found herself being drawn to people in similar circumstances, where she can help to restore some balance into their lives through coaching in health, lifestyle and fitness. Focussing on intrinsic core, pre and post-natal, pelvic floor health and diastasis healing through functional exercise and nutrition, Vivienne has helped many women achieve their goals and lose their Mummy tummies, long after baby has grown up! With a kid’s fitness qualification to boot, kids can join in too!

Using functional exercises and breathing techniques that have been perfected and proved, Vivienne is able to work with women that are both pregnant, post-natal, those ladies falling into the CRIHAB category (Can’t Remember Having a Baby) and also pre and post-menopausal ladies.

Having always been into fitness, Vivienne recently made the change from gym weights and running to CrossFit at Priority 6, which has given her an insight even more into how strong your core needs to be to master many of the CrossFit techniques, as well as just returning to fitness. The deep core functional exercises and release methods have helped a number of people a Priority 6 with intrinsic core strength.

Sports Related Qualifications:

• Holistic Core Restore® Coach (Pelvic Floor & Core Restore)
• Premier Training: Level 2 in Fitness Instruction
• Premier Training: Level 3 in Personal Training
• Active IQ Level 2 Fitness Instruction (Children aged 5 – 15)
• Active IQ Level 2 Leading Health Related Activity Sessions for Children under 5
• Burrell Education Modern Post Natal Exercise
• Burrell Education Modern Pregnancy Exercise
• Working with the Pregnant & Post Natal Client Outdoors
• KBT Strength & Conditioning Level 1
• Lorisian Food Intolerance Practitioner
• Back on Track Level 1 Back Pain Management
• CRB checked

Duncan Bennet

Personal Trainer

Details coming soon.

Deirdre Behling

PT & Coach

Dee is passionate about taking a holistic approach to health and fitness. She believes that fitness should be about maximising enjoyment of life. She wants to support individuals to find ways of incorporating health and fitness into their lives without it feeling like another thing on their “to do list”.

As well as drawing on skills developed over her 20 years as a practicing Community Pharmacist , Dee has gained advanced Personal Training qualifications in Corrective Exercise. This means that she focuses on improving any muscle imbalances within the body to improve performance during training and in life generally.

She also has a keen interest in supporting people in peri menopause and menopause by
utilising GP level training and her Personal Training knowledge to devise training plans that support long term health goals.

She is currently studying for a qualification in Nutrition.

Level 3 NASM Personal Trainer
Newson Health Confidence in Menopause
Level 4 Corrective Exercise Specialist

Steve Green

CrossFit Coach & PT

Details coming soon.

Andy Watson

CrossFit Coach & PT

About me:
I’ve been coaching different sports from a young age, from basketball, snowboarding and football but really found my love of fitness within P6 and CrossFit.

I love being able to help people find their why and process of becoming the better human they thrive to be. This can look many different ways from someone that’s trained for multiple years and strives to be that 1% better or the newbie looking at starting their CrossFit or general fitness journey.

• Level 3 Personal Training
• Level 2 Fitness Instructor
• Kettlebell Level 1 Instructor
• FA Football Coach

Specialisms & expertise:
I have experience working with various clientele from fitness novices to competitive athletes, helping them achieve strength, fitness, mobility and fat loss goals.

I understand that not everyone wants to or can commit to training like an elite athlete but I believe that everyone deserves to see the benefits of exercise!

Marius Hardiman

Olympic Lifting Coach

About me:
Marius started his career in weightlifting at the age of 12 when he was sent to the gym to help improve his county cricket! He has 40 years’ experience, both as a lifter and as a coach for over 20 years.

Marius coaches people of all ages (Youth, Seniors and Masters) and of all abilities from beginners to elite, people looking to improve in many different sports including CrossFit. He also has a passion to make weightlifting accessible to all and works with people with learning disabilities and neurodivergence to bring them the benefit of weightlifting.

• British Weightlifting Level 1 & 2 Coach
• British Weightlifting Talent Academy Coach

Specialisms & expertise:
Empowering everyone to learn and improve in weightlifting. Marius is specialist working with individuals with physical disabilities and learning disabilities including autism. Highly experienced in developing youth athletes and strong skills developing older lifters competing a master’s level.

Julie Morish

Olympic Lifting Coach

About me:
Having grown up doing competitive sports including swimming and running, Julie ‘found’ weightlifting in 2004 and competed in in master’s competitions and was British Masters Champion in 2009 & 2010.

Julie has had success coaching a diverse range of athletes from youth, senior and masters’ lifters competing in both national and regional competitions. In addition, Julie is part of the GB performance team for British Weightlifting, working with the youth and junior &23 national squads, coaching them at international competitions both Europe and World Championships

• British Weightlifting Level 1 & 2 Coach
• British Weightlifting Talent Academy Coach
• GB Performance Coach

Specialisms & expertise:
Empowering everyone to learn and improve in weightlifting with a focus on developing and improving youth athletes.

Mark Harvey

CrossFit Coach & PT

About me:
Mark has always been keen to partake in physical activities, whether that’s part of a team or an individual...and has competed in football, rugby, triathlon.
In the past 20 years, Mark has worked with over 3500 athletes, from 'I can't swim a length' novices, to GB age-groupers, and World Championship competitors.

• British Triathlon - Level 2 coach
• Running technique coach - The Running School
• Open water swim coach
• ASA level 2 swimming teacher
• Hyrox coach

Specialisms & expertise:
• Endurance coaching
• Triathlon coaching
• Marathon coaching
• Hyrox coaching and OCR coach