Incorporate these strongman training moves into your routine to become a better more capable human!


Strongman typically training develops strength and muscle mass, but used in the right way and we can also use it as a way to get a great stimulus without the systemic fatigue, perfect for recovery phases!

Let’s look at a tyre flip for example.


It is , in essence, a similar movement pattern as a deadlift, however, what happens after the lift has been completed is very different. The tyre flip we transition, push and walking into the next rep. NO ECCENTRIC LOAD, the deadlift, (we should) control the bar to the floor, eccentric load. A lot of the micro trauma of a program happens on the eccentric portion.


Lets look at the prow

ler, its similar in movement to a walking lunge, but… NO ECCENTRIC. No eccentric means reduced fatigue. Still a very hard workout, but your bodies perception of this type of training is that it is less ‘damaging’ to the tissue.


Many of the strongman events are completed within 40–120 seconds.

This sort of duration training stimulates high levels of growth hormone, which in turn stimulates a great amount of recovery!


So, next time you’re feeling a bit beaten up, and need a deload but still want to get the feeling of a WOD, you could switch in these MST sessions.


Here is a program using some strongman equipment available in many gyms (technically, the medicine ball slam is not a strongman exercise, but it is often used by strongmen as part of their training).

It is designed to be incorporated twice a week, with at least two days of rest between training sessions.


Day 1:

  • A1 | Thick Bar Clean and Drop or Mediball Power Clean and Push Press (petit drop and then go again) 5 sets x 10 reps, rest 60 sec.
  • A2 | Backward Sled Drag, 5 sets x 40m (4 Lengths), rest 60 sec.
  • A3 | Farmer’s Walk, 5 sets x 40m, rest 60 sec. (We have handles but you could use Kettlebells too)
  • A4 | Prowler (low handles), 5 sets x 40m (4 lengths), rest 60 sec.


Day 2:

  • A1 | Tire Flip, 5 sets x 8 reps, rest 60 sec.
  • A2 | Prowler (upright handles), 5 sets x 40m (4 Lengths), rest 60 sec.
  • A3 | Medicine Ball Slam, 5 sets x 10 reps, rest 60 sec.
  • A4 | Bear Crawl Sled Drag, 5 sets x 20m (2 lengths), rest 60 sec.


Keep in mind that these workouts as prescribed are considered hard, they certainly are not easy whilst you are doing them, but they wont have that Central Nervous Fatigue that a load of thrusters and Clunges do!


Chuck in some steady state cardio at 130bpm for 10 mins before and after and you’ve done yourself a favour on those weeks you just needed to move and boost your recovery!



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